Blue Harvest Creative Announces New Publishing Division BHC Press

Blue Harvest Creative is pleased to announce their new publishing division BHC Press. Defining where we fit into the publishing industry is difficult as we do not fit into the traditional (Big Five), partnered, subsidy, digital-only, hybrid, vanity, or self-publishing business models.

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We’ve developed an innovative and new publishing philosophy, which we refer to as independent or alternative publishing. This new way of thinking truly reinvents the publishing model and changes the entire landscape of the industry.

The first title released through BHC Press, A Hall of Keys and No Doors by Emmie Mears (September 6, 2016), debuted on our contemporary fiction imprint Asher. The title also released in audiobook through Audible Studios, narrated by Amber Benson who is best known for her role of Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Currently at work on our fall catalog, upcoming releases include titles by award-winning authors Patricia Paris, Tracy Hewitt Meyer, and Drea Damara. Also featured is multi-award-winning author and motivational speaker Jo Dibblee as well as many other titles spanning multiple genres.

For more information about our new publishing philosophy, as well as our imprints, please visit

Meet the Team at Blue Harvest Creative (@JustAddBlue) #BookDesign #BHCAuthors

Today we talk books, design, and why we love what we do with Shelley Wilson on her blog. Welcome to the blue side!

Shelley Wilson

Interview_BHCBlue Harvest Creative is a full-author services company, including website design, graphic design, print and advertising, and social media. But it’s their book designs that I’m featuring on my blog today.

Based in Michigan, U.S.A., Blue Harvest Creative works with independent and best-selling authors from across the globe.  With over 700 book designs, BHC is fast becoming a one-stop shop for authors looking for the best design, and guidance, to enhance their product.

I am delighted to invite two of BHC’s talented design and marketing specialists, Joni and Vern, to my blog to talk about book design and what the future holds for Blue Harvest Creative.

How did you get into book design?

My background is in graphic design, and I’ve designed everything from business cards to billboards. Many moons ago, before the days of eBooks and self-publishing, the industry was very different. When a client asked if I…

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Interview – Meet author, Sara Daniell (@DaniellSara) #ContemporaryFiction

Anything goes with author Sara Daniell…get to know her in this amazing author interview!

Shelley Wilson


Today’s guest on the Big Blue Takeover is, Sara Daniell, author of YA contemporary novel, Anything Goes on a Friday Night.

The Fun Stuff:

What part of the world do you come from?

My family and I recently moved from northern Wisconsin back down to the south.  I guess we just missed the southern drawls, sweet tea, and southern hospitality of our little town.  Not to mention we hated the long winters up north.  So, here we are…back in Arkansas.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a teacher.  I have pursued that dream and after many years of college preparing me for the job, I accepted a special education position in middle school.  I never saw myself as a professional writer, although, it was my secret passion.  But, I’m lucky to say that my secret dream of writing and…

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Guest Post from author, @LisaShambrook #wwwBlogs 7 Reasons Why You Should Be You…

Lisa Shambrook shares why it’s so important to be yourself.
#Inspiration #LoveYourself

Shelley Wilson


Today’s guest on the Big Blue Takeover is, Lisa Shambrook author of the beautiful ‘Hope Within’ series and blogger at The Last Krystallos. Over to Lisa…

To be nobody but yourself - the last krystallos- lisa   shambrook7 Reasons Why You Should Be You…

I spent years trying to be someone different, trying to be someone everyone wanted me to be. Way back in 1989 – I’m giving away my age now – when I was 18, I scrawled a poem: ‘I’ll open my heart and show you inside, but don’t let me know what you’ve seen. I want to be everything everyone wants me to be, but I’m not sure I know how. I don’t even know how to be me.’ …and I lived that teenage angst for another decade or so before allowing myself to discover who I was.

Don’t do it. Don’t be anyone but yourself.

Figuring out who you are is the whole point of the human experience. …

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