The Historic Redford Theatre & Blue Harvest Creative

We love to design. We also love to watch movies. Especially the classics. What could possibly be more fun than doing either of these? Designing movie posters for the films that we love!

Blue Harvest is pleased to announce that we will be designing the movie posters for the classic films shown at the Historic Redford Theatre located in Detroit, Michigan. We are honored to be working with this wonderful organization. To say we are excited about the opportunity to give a fresh look to our favorite films is an understatement!

Our first design was the 1960s classic comedy Munster, Go Home. Shown are both versions of the poster. Poster #1 is the official movie poster and Poster #2 is the other version. We love ‘em both!

It’s already on display in the lobby. There is nothing more awe-inspiring than literally seeing your work come to life. Which, in this case, is our cool movie poster that stands an impressive 3 feet by 4 feet. We don’t mean to be biased but we think it looks incredible!

We’ve always been big fans of the television sitcom, The Munsters, so it was a thrill to design and compose. And, Butch Patrick (you know, “the” Eddie Munster) will be a special guest appearing at all of the shows. The movie will be showing October 21 and October 22, 2011. We can’t wait to attend!

Over the next several months, we’ll be debuting movie posters from seven classic films. These include the classic silent film The Hunchback of Notre Dame from 1922 and Miracle on 34th Street.

Love classic movies? The Historic Redford Theatre has a great lineup of films. If you happen to live nearby, take some time and check them out. The theatre is breathtaking and transports you back in time the minute you walk through the door. It’s a great place to revisit some great classics from yesteryear and watch them on the big screen! Not to mention seeing our really cool movie posters.

We look forward to sharing more of our work with you!


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