“When Empires Fall” – The Art Of Crafting A Beautiful Matching Interior Print And Ebook Design

Hi everyone!

We are excited to do a dual blog post with our good friend Author Katie Jennings. We had the pleasure of designing her interior print and ebook design for her latest novel When Empires Fall. We will be discussing the designer’s perspective and the design elements in our blog post. To enjoy the author’s POV on her book design experience with us, as well as informative tips, be sure to visit:  http://katieajennings.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/what-makes-a-book-beautiful/

This family saga is a fantastic story of power, greed and the conflicts of a family legacy built by the luxury hotel industry and the events that threaten to destroy it. This is a big, bold book that required an interior design to match while also incorporating the elegance and luxury of the cover and the story.
This is the beautiful cover design that the author did. Very few authors have the talent Katie has to design an effective cover so you may not want to try this at home! The cover provided the backdrop to create a beautifully matched interior!
Here are two sample pages from the beginning of the book. Katie provided the original family tree graphic (left) which we redesigned in Illustrator. The print version has a sophisticated marble background. The ebook has the same image with a tan marble background which looks fantastic on color readers and tablets!

The cover page (right) introduces the design graphic used at the beginning of each chapter. We were also honored to design the logo for her new imprint Sapphire Royale Publishing. The original colors are sapphire blue and white. For the cover, we sampled a rich cocoa color for the imprint that coordinates beautifully with the cover.

The right shows the chapter title pages along with the graphic element and the chapter name integrated. We chose an Art Deco graphic to reflect not only the storyline but to also compliment the cover. Inside the book we used Trajan Pro for the chapter name, author name, book title, page numbers and drop cap. The main text of the interior used an 11 pt Adobe Text Pro font which lends a rich look to the text. This is a beautiful font to use for book design.

We also used a stunning light graphite gray for the chapter headings, graphic element and chapter introductory text to add a dramatic contrast against the black Adobe Text Pro font.

The left hand page shows the text divider graphic we used for the book. This was created using elements of the chapter graphic put together to create a brand new, complimentary graphic. We followed the next paragraph with three words in Trajan Pro that were bolded.

The ebook design (right) incorporated all of the design elements of the print book (left) such as chapter graphics, paragraph separators, drop caps and special characters – allowing us to present the same reading experience for everyone! With the popularity of ereaders and tablets, it’s very important to present an exciting ebook to your readers loaded with rich graphics to enhance their reading enjoyment.

We also suggested including the prologue for the sequel in the series along with the cover (also designed by Katie) to create excitement for the readers. She loved this idea and we incorporated these at the back of the book.

To introduce readers to her Dryad Quartet series, we suggested and included book reviews at the beginning at the book as well as a complete list of Katie’s published work.

We truly have enjoyed working with Katie Jennings on her novel When Empires Fall. We are excited to announce that we will also be designing the interior and ebook for the sequel, Rise of the Notorious.

We are also excited to announce that Katie Jennings has chosen us as her official interior book and ebook designers for all of her future titles and that we are also currently working on creating her a beautiful, new website.

Visit Amazon to get your copy of When Empires Fall

Have a great day, everyone!


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