Guest Blogger: Author Tony Hubbard And His Debut Novel “A Demon Lies Within” And How It (Finally) Came To Fruition

Today we are excited to have guest blogger Tony Hubbard with us! Read on to learn about his debut novel “A Demon Lies Within” and his writing journey. This amazing novel will be available November 13, 2012!

Available November 13, 2012

It began with a question, then a dream.

After years of occupying only random pieces of scrap paper, various notebook pages and an extremely rough, rough draft, a question and a dream were the two elements needed to make A Demon Lies Within a reality. This was a journey 18 years in the making.

18 years.

Turns out the inspiration I was searching for during each passing year was in the form of a simple question: “What are you going to do now?”

After getting a master’s degree from Northeastern University in August, 2009 several people asked, “What are you going to do with all your free time now that you’ve finished your master’s program?”

I hadn’t given much thought to my future endeavors, never mind writing of any kind, at that point, but the combination of that question along with an image I saw (or thought I saw) on my graduation day morphed into a dream that ended with me writing a novel and appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. I was a guest because she was recommending my book for her book club. In the dream I went all Tom Cruise on her, the sheer excitement of her recommending my book was such that I jumped around on her couch as if I was on a trampoline.

Buoyed by this crazy dream, I was off and running (for a third time). I spent the fall of 2009 researching potential plot avenues and in February, 2010, I started the first draft of the novel that would ultimately become a finished product.

It took a lot to reach this point, as the seeds for this novel were planted long ago.

If Chinese Democracy was Axl Rose’s albatross then A Demon Lies Within is mine.

For as long as it took Chinese Democracy to be completed – 14 years, until release in 2008, A Demon Lies Within took longer to produce and soon will be unleashed upon the world with its November 13 release.

The newborns who were just days old in April, 1994 as I began my first-ever attempt at this novel, are now seen as adults in the eyes of the law, several months into their college careers, as my debut novel finally hits bookstore shelves.

It was during my junior year at Northeastern University, while working the overnight shift as a co-op reporter in the Sports Department of The Patriot Ledger newspaper, I came up with the idea to write a novel about a family who moved from Boston to Vermont. In doing so, their eight-year-old son Joshua, would become possessed by the spirit of a young man stoned to death in the front yard of their new house. The demon spirit possessed Joshua and terrorized the town as time closed in on the hundred year anniversary of his death.

The husband was a newspaper reporter, very original of me to have the profession of one of the main characters be the same as what I was studying while the wife worked for an advertising agency – again not that much of a stretch as advertising was part of the same College of Arts and Sciences that offered Journalism.

With inexperience in writing novels I tried to supplement the story using song lyrics of Led Zeppelin, Sting, Billy Joel, Joe Satriani, and Pink Floyd to movie the story along. I had the ingenious idea to creative a book soundtrack, though we now have book trailers that are all the rage, so I wasn’t too far off.

I still have the marked up version of the original book. I still have all of my handwritten notes and scrap pieces of paper with the various scene ideas. After a possessed Joshua spit in his mother’s face, Joshua’s father threw his son to the ground and punched him in the face. I had one of my English professor’s give the first draft of the story a read. My professor’s comment was that the scene was too violent. I wonder what he would say if he read the current version of the book.

The original story was 141 pages written in 5 months. A first draft was the entire result. The story and the desire to work on it faded away.

It stayed away until 2000 when the story evolved through different twists and turns. Instead of John being a newspaper reporter who wanted to move to Maine to get his family away from the hectic life they were living in Boston, in 2000, John became a high-powered stock broker making his clients millions and millions of dollars per day in the stock market with the explosion of website development, information technology and pharmaceutical companies.

Life in Boston becomes too much for John so he tells his girlfriend of two years, Miranda, that he wants to move to Maine and write a novel. She thinks it’s ridiculous so they break up and he moves to Maine anyways where he falls in love with his real estate agent, Sandi Cartwright, who has a nine-year-old son named Joshua. In this version of Joshua being possessed I wanted to introduce the element of witchcraft, specifically from the middle ages and demons into Joshua’s possession.

For that version of the book, I never typed anything. I have a bunch of handwritten pages with a couple of scenes semi-completed and the rough outlines of several chapters and that’s all. Once the basic concept was pieced together, I walked away from the book.

Over the next 8 years, every few months or so, I would have an idea for a new scene or some dialogue between John and Sandi but nothing extensive enough to start stringing the random thoughts together into a story.

That is until one day the perfect question came along and changed my life.

So if the horror fiction/suspense/thriller genre interests you, why not give A Demon Lies Within a read!

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2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Author Tony Hubbard And His Debut Novel “A Demon Lies Within” And How It (Finally) Came To Fruition

  1. My fervent hope for you is that the only time this book is mentioned in comparison to the train wreck that is Chinese Democracy is in this article. The book looks amazing. It’s already on my TBR list. Wishing you much success.

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