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PhotobucketFirst, let me thank Blue Harvest Creative for having me and Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer for hosting the Got Great Giveaways Hop. Thanks also go to Candace at Candace’s Book Blog and Lori at Pure Imagination for hosting the Saturday Situation Giveaway linky. This is the third stop on my blog tour for the release of Lionel’s Christmas Adventure. To see a full list of tour dates, click here.
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Recently I was asked a really good question during an interview and it really got me thinking. The question appeared simple and straight forward, “When did you consider yourself an author/writer?” The obvious answer is, I’ve always been a writer, or when I wrote my first book, but I had to think about it for a bit more.

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Sure, I’ve always liked to write and I’ve always had story ideas in my head, but have I always considered myself a writer? Lionel’s Christmas Adventure is my third published book, so I’ve probably considered myself a writer for a while right? Good question. I felt very proud upon completion and publication of my first book, but I still didn’t consider myself a writer. There was so much I didn’t know, and still don’t, and so much to do. In reality, I felt like just about anything but a writer.

After a lot of thinking and consideration, I decided that I really considered myself a writer the moment I took the plunge and signed up to co-author the Sher A. Hart: My Written Art blog. I debated and considered doing it for a while, weighing the pros and cons. When it came down to it, I decided that I love to write. I made a concious decision to do more of it. Writing the blog has exposed me to writing about a variety of things, research, creativity, marketing, and the dreadful writing to a deadline. Sure, I was nervous, but what better way to find out if writing was for me or just a hobby like doing puzzles?

PhotobucketIt has been several months and I must admit that I love it. It has been really enjoyable and beneficial to me. It has made me better at writing and I have been writing more in every aspect. I must point out that my blog partner, Sher, is a wonderful person. She has been patient with me and very giving in the sharing of her knowledge and time.

When I began writing on her blog, that’s when I consider myself a writer. I write because I love it. It is who I am and who I want to be. I realize that I may never make much money writing, and I haven’t picked out my tuxedo to walk down the red carpet during the movie premier of Lionel’s Grand Adventure just yet. That’s okay though, I write because after a lot of soul searching and stopping and going I have realized that I am indeed a writer.

I hope you enjoyed my post. If you want to learn more about Lionel, make sure to pick up Lionel’s Christmas  Adventure: Lionel Learns the True Meaning of Christmas, available now on Amazon. Also check out the first two books in the Lionel’s Grand Adventure series: Lionel and the Golden Rule and Lionel Turns the Other Cheek. For more information about author Paul R. Hewlett click here. You can also keep up with what’s new on Lionel’s Grand Adventure FB page.

 Again, many thanks to Blue Harvest Creative for hosting me, I had a blast! Thank you! My next stop on the blog tour is tomorrow on Katheryn Lane.
Now onto the giveaway. As a thank you to the reader’s, I’m  giving away
a $25 Amazon gift card and 3-pack of my ebooks. Be sure to leave a comment & tell us when you considered yourself a writer,or whatever it is you do!

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4 thoughts on ““Lionel’s Christmas Adventure” By Paul R. Hewlett Available Now On Amazon Plus Enter To Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card Or An eBook Gift Pack!

  1. It was great to have you on our blog today! Loved your book trailer! It was really cute. And to answer your question,I’ve always been writing something so I would have to say I considered myself a writer while I was in school but I will consider myself an author when I publish.

  2. Thank you! It’s great to be here. I appreciate you having me. Thank you for the kind words. Great answer, it’s a great question I thought. It really makes you think. Thanks again!
    Paul R. Hewlett

  3. Hi Eva!
    That’s a great gift. The funny thing about that is that in the original draft of Lionel’s Christmas Adventure that was the gift he desperately wanted. I decided to change it based on the fact that he lives in the Midwest and I thought a sled might be more appropriate. Thanks for stopping by & sharing.

    Paul R. Hewlett

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