The Making Of A Modern Day Fairytale Book—The Dryad Quartet Special Edition—And A Special Offer

In our last blog, we talked about the redesign of the Dryad Quartet series. As promised, here is our blog about designing The Dryad Quartet Special Edition print and eBook.

The Dryad Quartet Special Edition was one of the most design-intensive books we have had the pleasure to create. It was both a challenge and a joy to design. When we began the project, we had to ask ourselves several questions. What could we do to truly make this a special edition? We had just finished redesigning the Dryad Quartet series by bestselling author Katie Jennings, and we had incorporated elaborate designs in each book.  How else could we introduce people to this fabulous fantasy series? And how could we do it in a totally different way that no one else had done, while also creating a new design completely different from the series?

To answer these questions, we had to first look at the series as a whole. Each book of the Dryad Quartet is exactly 292 pages except for Breath of Air, which was 288 pages. In total, that is 1,164 pages of pure, delicious Dryad reading. However, combining all four of these books together would result in approximately a 1,200 page book if we used the same print size of 5.5 x 8.5 that was used in the series. And that just isn’t possible in the printing world.

Plus, we were adding in new extras that would make the page count even higher, so we had to figure out how to bring the page count down to a manageable level, incorporate new material, and to create a truly special edition design for the book.

And then inspiration struck…why not create an oversized-edition book of 8.5 x 11? This size worked perfectly with our idea to create an old-world, fairytale design from the 1800s.


The Breathtaking Dryad Quartet Special Edition Cover


The Matching Interior Title Page

We decided to use a two-column format to make reading easier and to provide a true, old-fashioned  reading experience.  This is a page from Breath of Air. Notice that we incorporated the same paragraph separator elemental-designs that we used in the individual books in the series. This worked wonderfully with the compilation design, while still involving just a hint of each book in the new series design.


Two-Column Format For Breath Of Air

We have a vast font library (over 5,000 and growing!) but we needed fonts to complement the style of the fairytale books from long ago. We searched for fonts from the 1800s and chose a storybook-styled block font to make the beautiful and elaborate drop caps. The gorgeous floral imagery inside each block also matched the floral design we did for each individual book’s title page.


“Dryad” Spelled Out In The Lovely Storybook Drop Cap Font


The First Page Of Breath Of Air With All The Design Elements

Next we chose the interior fonts. Again, we wanted fonts from the 1800s and we managed to find one that hadn’t been used in over 100 years and had just recently been reintroduced. For the headers we used a beautiful script font to add an elegant feel.


Another Interior Page Design From Firefight In Darkness 

Finally, we needed to add in all the special features. These included eight beautiful illustrations by Artist Alli Kappen, who created two illustrations for each book. She did an outstanding job in her creation of these and they truly complemented the stories and design.


An Illustration From A Life Earthbound By Artist Alli Kappen

Add in a special Q&A session with Katie Jennings as well as a never before released Dryad Quartet short story, and our special edition print book was complete!

Designing the eBook for the Dryad Quartet was extremely challenging…and exciting! We were able to achieve a rate of 95% in matching the contents of the print book to the eBook due to some of the current restrictions on the eReader technology. Readers are able to really enjoy the “feel” of the print book electronically.

If you would like to experience the Dryad Quartet in both print and eVersion, take advantage of this special promotion from Tuesday, January 22 through Thursday, January  24.


Click HERE To Purchase

We hope you enjoy these books as much as we did creating them. They are truly something to behold and take you back in time…to the once upon a time…of days long ago…when fairytales were always read. Immerse yourself in the beautiful design and the fabulous fantasy that is the Dryad Quartet Special Edition.

Be sure to also visit Katie Jennings’ BLOG about the new Dryad Quartet Special Edition and promotion as well as her WEBSITE.

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6 thoughts on “The Making Of A Modern Day Fairytale Book—The Dryad Quartet Special Edition—And A Special Offer

  1. Such great insight into the process, which I might add is a stunning success. I saw Ms. Jennings post earlier about her promo and am off to check that out now. Thanks Blue Harvest Creative and Ms. Jennings.

    Paul R. Hewlett

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