A Killer Design For “Number Seventy-Five” By Ashley Fontainne

It’s always a treat to design a book for Ashley Fontainne and her latest, Number Seventy-Five, was no exception. Giving us the elements of revenge, suspense, and thriller were all the ingredients needed to create a killer design for one killer of a story.

Since this was a novella with little spine width, we created a cover wrap to bring all the crucial elements of this thriller together and to further accentuate the ominous qualities of the cave.

64435_358503050917273_86878429_nThe Cover Wrap For Number Seventy-Five

To say it was an honor and a thrill to feature not one, but three bestselling authors on the cover and inside the interior design is an understatement. No words can convey how amazing it is to format the text for reviews of authors’ works you have loved and read. (Can you imagine how excited Ashley was?)

To go along with the theme of the book and to help get readers in the mood, we used a font to symbolize chaos and encapsulated it inside a blood splatter to create our chapter design. The number sign was also used to tie in with the title’s word “number.”


Chapter One Graphic Heading

To keep the design elements cohesive, we gray-scaled the scene dividers:


Scene Dividers

We chose bold fonts to use for the interior layout and headers. Here is a sample interior page showing all the design elements:


Sample Interior Print Page From Number Seventy-Five

We also designed a matching eBook that contained the same design elements complete with a searchable table of contents. All of our eBooks are validated and are WC3 compliant.


The Matching eBook Interior On A Kindle Fire

We hope you have enjoyed this killer design for Number Seventy-Five. You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.


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