Erotica Cover Reveal: Liv Honeywell

We are super excited to debut our first erotica cover. Our goal was to create a provocative yet classy and tasteful cover. And, we believe we have achieved our goal with Liv Honeywell’s cover for her upcoming book, Coming Ready Or Not! Three Tales of Tease & Denial.


Liv’s book will be available in print and eBook on May 30th!


Featured are three stories that center around Abby and Will, a couple in a M/s relationship:

Story One is The Edge, Story Two is Bad Girl and Story Three is Breathless.

It’s about them learning together. There aren’t any billionaires in this one, no mysterious castles in the middle of nowhere; just two ordinary people, who could be anyone you’d see walking down the street, but who are in an M/s relationship. With the humor, the laughing, the fact that it isn’t perfect, sometimes things do go wrong, and with the best will in the world you can’t always obey, however much you want to, and there are consequences that come with that.

Connect With Liv:




2 thoughts on “Erotica Cover Reveal: Liv Honeywell

  1. I stay away from erotica, but can still promo the cover without offending my principles. It’s great, as is all your designs.

    I sent you an email. Hope you find it; just sent a few hours ago. Hugs and love

    Betty xo[?]

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