Cover Reveal: “Thorns of an Innocent Soul” by Barbara Watkins

We are thrilled to debut our brand new cover design for Thorns of an Innocent Soul by Barbara Watkins:




A young woman tormented by her own demons is torn between wanting to love her mother and a need to hate her. Growing up in an abusive environment, she loses her self-confidence and her self-respect. Determined to have the life she has always wanted with the only man to ever love her, she realizes the choices she makes could change her destiny forever. And that one horrific night will decide her fate.

Can the pain she has endured and inflicted upon others ever be released? Or is her soul lost forever? Only she has the power to remove the thorns from her innocent soul.

Thorns of an Innocent Soul will soon be a motion picture presented by Zodiac Entertainment

About the Author:

At an early age, Barbara Watkins experienced what she refers to as supernatural phenomenon. As a teenager, she kept a diary and documented several disturbing nightmares that were later used as inspiration in her writing. Barbara loves to evoke a false sense of security and expectation in her writing, leading her readers into a world of the unknown.

She resides in Missouri with her husband of thirty-five years, and her faithful, loving Boxweiler, Hooch. She has three children and ten grandchildren.

Connect With Barbara:






8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: “Thorns of an Innocent Soul” by Barbara Watkins

  1. Blue Harvest Creative has done it again! MAGNIFICENT cover for a novella that deserves only the best. Barbara Watkins is not only my co-author on SIX-PACK series, she’s a true friend and the CREEPIEST HORROR WRITER ON THE PLANET… No, I don’t mean SHE is creepy (though she likes to make us think that), I mean her BOOKS are the best horror going. 🙂 ❤

  2. Thank you for all the sweet comments ladies! When I was looking for someone to bring new life to one of my earlier works, Thorns of an Innocent Soul, I didn’t have to look very far. Blue Harvest Creative is making a mark everywhere – a mark of excellence in design, editing, formatting, etc. They understood the vision that I had for my novella and incorporated it into every detail. The professionalism they show toward their clients are far and above the competition. Thank you again, Blue Harvest Creative – thank you for a lovely, lovely experience!

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