Cover Reveal: Street Creds by Zach Fortier

We are super excited to reveal the brand new cover for the redesign of Street Creds for both print and eBook. Here is the new front cover!


Available on Amazon July 2013

From bestselling true crime author Zach Fortier comes Street Creds


Street Creds is a look inside the world of street gangs and the cops that work them. Zach Fortier worked the streets for many years before entering the gang task force—joining it with the idea that he could rise to the level of violence of any banger he encountered—but he thought wrong.

Fortier grew up in the same city that he worked the streets, doing the best he could and felt that he had an understanding of what the citizens were experiencing. The frustration at gang crimes, drive by shootings, and never feeling safe with your family in your own neighborhood. He wanted to earn back the respect of the citizens for the police and make that fear go away.

But once inside the gang task force, the reality became a rude awakening. It was poorly managed and staffed by detectives mostly out for themselves, and the internal politics made success incredibly difficult and almost impossible—almost, but not quite.

Witnessing bad cops, brutal crimes, and realizing the department had been compromised, the cost was much higher for him that he personally anticipated.

Fortier left the unit two years later, severely broken, edgy, and dangerously damaged. This is the true story of how that all came to be. Get ready for a reality check.

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