Cover Reveal—Minstrel by Marissa Ames

We are pleased to present our cover design for “Minstrel” by Marissa Ames—Available November 5, 2013. Read on to learn more about this fascinating fantasy ballad and the author.


Available November 5, 2013 in both print and eBook!

About the Cover:

Marissa is also an artist and painted the lute and the painted words. Using her art, we incorporated these elements into her cover design by using parchment to give it a medieval feel and created a style and brand for her Tir Athair series.


Within a day of arriving in the royal city of Cynegil, Liam and his traveling troupe of actors face arrest for entertaining during a time of mourning. They have one option: indulge the crown enough to keep them out of prison. As Liam plays his lute for the new king, the troupe becomes entangled in a larger plot, with more dangerous characters: The twin princes who grapple for the throne. The redheaded washerwoman who leads three lives. The royal soldier with his own deadly secret, and a skill for causing “unfortunate accidents.” And a kingdom of nobles who shun the truth, at the demise of their people.

Liam witnesses and records the kingdom’s divide, until he must flee Cynegil, becoming part of history himself.

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