Cover Reveal—The Spanking Psychiatrist by Maggie Carpenter

We are pleased to unveil our cover design for “The Spanking Psychiatrist” —the new book by erotica D/s author Maggie Carpenter:


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An oval wooden paddle, a short, fat crop, an imitation hand on a solid stick, and a thick, leather strap. These are the tools of the trade for Dr. Thaddius Montgomery, and it is with detached, clinical ease that he delivers his Spanking Therapy.

Super models, nail-biters, and even the wife of an English diplomat, are just a few of the grateful recipients of Dr. Montgomery’s discipline. Bending them over his office chair, he unhesitatingly applies a solid dose of corporal punishment.

Celebrated and controversial, the good doctor is dating a sophisticated, sultry, somewhat mysterious vixen named Avery Madison, but he finds himself drawn to another, a beguiling young woman named Rose Rutherford, who floated into his office with a broken heart. Beautiful, sweet and demure, Rose shadows his thoughts, and in spite of his professional integrity he eagerly looks forward to her visits.

On the verge of breaking things off with Avery, he inadvertently discovers the wicked woman is a covert, diabolical Dominatrix, who harbors a sadistic scheme that could ruin his life. Unable to end things until she is stopped, he calls in the help of his best friend, Max Fielding, a former Military Intelligence Officer.

The Spanking Psychiatrist is a steamy story full of spanking, sensuous sex, romance and intrigue. Avery is cunning and conniving, Rose angelic and submissive, Max is a brilliant operative with secrets of his own, and in the middle of them all is Thaddius Montgomery, The Spanking Psychiatrist.

Connect With Maggie (for those 18 and over please):





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