Author Focus—Victorian Erotica by Maggie Carpenter

We are excited to welcome Maggie Carpenter to our blog today for week five of our celebrate #INDIEpendence event. Today we focus the spotlight on Erotica. Everyone who leaves a blog post comment on this blog will be entered to win their choice of eBook by Maggie Carpenter. Prizes are listed below. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook event, enter our erotica genre prize pack giveaway plus our grand prize drawing. Details for the event and the link to join are at the bottom of the post. 

There is much to be said about the erotic books that were published during the Victorian era of sexual restraint and exceptionally good manners.  There was an abundance of such literature celebrating all manner of sexual practices, though it wasn’t sold at booksellers, most of the trade taking place in Holywell Street, near The Strand in London.

Perhaps, like children reaching their rebellious adolescence, many rose silently against the curtailment of sexual freedom, resenting the repression, finding their insurgent solace in the pages of these extraordinary tomes, and at secret gatherings of like-minded men and women, hungry to escape the bondage of the crown.

(Interestingly, though, the emphasis on good manners and the British class distinction, was strictly adhered to, even in the most passionate of scenes).

Spanking and caning was covertly championed as an alluring enhancement to the sexual act, and even self-flagellation was prevalent in the lives of the underground populace.

It is also worth mentioning that corporal discipline was used unhesitatingly as a means of punishment in the schools, and this may have contributed to the practice.

While many of these books were churned out in back rooms by writers commonly referred to as ‘hacks’, there are those whose wordsmith skills are to be admired.  Not wishing their identities to be known, they penned their names simply as, Anonymous, and some of these novels became classics.  Birch and the Boudoir, My Secret Life, and Frank and I, to name just a few.

In the early days of my burgeoning love of these books, I did wonder how, with the laws and governance at the time, they survived through the decades.  Certainly scandalous sexual play is captivating, but the more I pondered this, the more I came to realize that it wasn’t just the erotica that was the cause of their survival.

The heart of any book, the core, the pulse, the ‘pick me up and read me, and read me again,’ is the story.

Whether a mysterious murder, a scary romp through a haunted house, or a love story incorporating the passionate ache that permeates the souls of the Dominant and submissive, it is the telling of the tale, and the charismatic characters bringing that tale to life, that allows a book to live and breathe and flourish.  In many, if not most of these Victorian erotica books, the story is the foundation upon which the naughtiness is built.  These writers may have been outlaws, but their books have lived through generations and continue to thrive, because in their hearts, they are story-tellers.

Isn’t that what we all strive to be?  Isn’t that, at the end of the day, our calling?  Becoming the best story-teller we can be?

Many of these authors capture the essence of that truth, and erotica or not, I admire and respect their talent, and strive to reach the standard they set more than a century ago.

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Available on Amazon

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