Cover Reveal: Hope Shining Through the Darkness of Cancer

We are excited to share the cover for “Hope Shining Through the Darkness of Cancer: Stories of Courage.” Cancer can strike anyone and Collette Henry has compiled a list of experiences from people that have all dealt with cancer, including her own experience.

She requested a cover that portrayed hope for a disease that can strike anyone at anytime.The different colored ribbons represent different types of cancer, and are used to help spread awareness and hope. Pink represents breast cancer, orange represents leukemia, and the base of the trunk is wrapped in a lavender ribbon, which is the symbol and color used to represent all cancers. 


Available Fall 2013 in both Print and eBook

About the book:

Since cancer is so prevalent today, it’s almost viewed as normal. When many hear the word cancer, they often don’t give much thought to it or realize what is involved with this disease. The contributors to this book have shared their experiences in an effort to educate and bring awareness of this disease through personal stories.

Connect With Collette Henry:






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