Cover Reveal: The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe

We are excited to show off the brand new cover design for “The Raging One,” the first book in The Sundered Lands Saga series by Lexy Wolfe. If you love fantasy, dragons, magic and adventure, be sure to check out this series. 

The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe

Available late 2013 in eBook and paperback


Ages ago, the Raging One, dragon god of the warrior people, vanished in the final assault of the Great War that shattered the land called Desantiva. Nearly destroyed themselves, the children of magic withdrew from the world and kept to their own territory of Forenta.

But now, the fragile balance is in jeopardy from a danger that forces Almek, the last Sentinel of Time, to leave the sanctuary of his goddess, the Timeless One, to hunt for what had always been considered mere legend: those able to touch more than one of the many energies of magic that hold the world together. The journey leads him into Forenta to confront the xenophobic council of mages.

As the adopted son of Forenta’s divine mother, Ash Andar continues to struggle to serve the Knowing One in a society coldly hostile not only to foreigners, but those not born to one of the old, powerful lineages. Ash’s aloof hostility cracks when he fails to protect the one person he cared for and had sworn to protect dies in his arms. His thirst for knowledge to increase his own legendary skills and flee the painful memories of the past drive Ash to accept becoming one of Almek’s students of temporal magic and leave his homeland on a journey to prevent the growing imbalance from shattering the world.

The people of Forenta and their sister race of Sevmana had always believed that all that remained of the warrior people of Desantiva were their sea-loving cousins of Vodanya. Ash Andar must face not only his equal among the warriors, a god-touched swordswoman known only as Storm, but the truth about his ancestors’ and his goddess’s dark past, else all would fall into oblivion.

Can Almek and his students uncover the secrets buried in the heart of the desert wastelands before all is lost?


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