Cover Reveal: CurbChek Reload by Zach Fortier

We are super excited to reveal the brand new cover for the redesign of CurbChek Reload for both print and eBook.


Available Early Fall 2013 in both print and eBook

From bestselling true crime author Zach Fortier comes CurbCheck Reload


CurbChek Reload is the third book by bestselling True Crime author Zach Fortier. Based on real life experiences that happened during the author’s thirty year career in law enforcement, CurbCheck Reload is the darkest account of Zach’s final years on the force.

The stories are much darker than his previous two books. Interspersed with humorous events to take the razor’s edge off the daily shootings and horrors that lurk in the city, it is a compelling read into what really happens on the street.

If you like your True Crime edgy and dark, don’t miss this.

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