Cover Reveal—Love Magick by Debra Dunbar

We are excited to reveal our cover design for “Love Magick”—a wonderful YA story by author Debra Dunbar. The book releases November 2013 as an eBook only.


Available November 2013 in eBook 


Love Magick

Blossom is Wiccan and a pariah in her high school.  Only Amelia is willing to befriend her.  She’s given up hope that any boy would ask her out, especially Brad, who seems so far out of her league.  When popular girl Sheila offers to get her a coveted party invitation in return for a love spell, Blossom is tempted.  Can she bend her ethics to be accepted by the others, especially when she learns Sheila wants the love spell to target Brad?

Love Magick was originally published in the anthology Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft.

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