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We have always said that “A Life, Redefined” should be required reading for every parent and teen. Love that this review from a teacher backs it up. If you are looking for a well-written book that addresses teen issues, this one is for you.

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I’m hosting a Goodreads giveaway of A Life, Redefined. Win one of three signed paperbacks of this upper YA/NA novel about a girl in Appalachia who is struggling to find her way amidst unspeakable family drama, self-harm ways of coping, and guilt so severe it weighs on her thin shoulders.

As for the review I’m so excited about? Here it is, from Reader’s Favorite(5 stars):

Reviewed by Bernadette Acocella for Readers’ Favorite

Rowan Slone’s life is a wreck. Her younger sister is out of control, her mother is trapped by her emotional overeating, and her father is violent and unpredictable. To make things worse, her family blames her for an accident seven years ago, a tragedy from which none of them ever recovered. The only solace Rowan finds is with her animals and in her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. All of the issues in Rowan’s family eventually come to…

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Movie Book Cover Reveal—Number Seventy-Five by Ashley Fontainne

We loved the original cover we designed for Number Seventy-Five by bestselling author Ashley Fontainne. This novella became an award-winner in September 2013 when it won the bronze medal at the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards for best fiction/suspense.


Number Seventy-Five Original Cover

When it was announced Number Seventy-Five was being made into a feature film, we wanted to update the cover to include the components we used in designing the movie poster. The new cover is dark and sinister while also capturing the grittiness and terror of the story. We also created the tagline Dating Just Got Deadly for both the movie poster and the book design, and helped update the book blurb.


Number Seventy-Five—Movie Cover Version for eBook


Number Seventy-Five—Movie Cover Version for Print Book


Number Seventy-Five: The Movie Poster

Number Seventy-Five Book Blurb:

Three years after the demise of her seventeen year marriage, Mandy Russell decides it’s time to jump back into the choppy waters of the dating world. Except there’s one problem—the small town she lives in offers few options. Persuaded by her best friend, Mandy reluctantly joins an online dating site.

Almost instantly, Mandy meets someone. Someone she connects with. Someone that makes her comfortable. Someone that has dark, sinister plans and desires for her. Unaware of what she’s about to encounter, Mandy is off to meet the possible man of her dreams. It will take everything she has to survive the nightmare waiting for her.

Will Mandy prevail or will this deadly date be her last?

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Number Seventy-Five: Movie Poster & Branding

Today celebrates our 100th blog post. The one thing we love as much as books is movies and we were super excited to design the movie poster for the upcoming film adaptation of “Number Seventy-Five” by award-winning author Ashley Fontainne—read on to learn more about this exciting movie.


The Movie Poster for Number Seventy-Five

When it was announced Number Seventy-Five was being made into a feature film, we were extremely honored to design the movie poster. Our goal was to create something dark and sinister while also capturing the grittiness and terror of the story.

We also created the tagline for the poster—”Dating Just Got Deadly.”

The film will begin production in spring/summer 2014. Produced by Amir Jaffer Productions and Confident Actor Pictures, the film will be written and directed by Cynthia Macadam and will star Sabrina Stewart.

Sabrina Stewart also narrates the audio version of Number Seventy-Five, which can be purchased on by clicking HERE.

Social Media Branding

We also designed a custom Twitter background and a custom Facebook banner for the upcoming movie:


Twitter Background


Screenshot of Twitter Background and Custom Avatar


Facebook Banner

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Cover Reveal—Good Company by Melissa Hladik Meyer

We are thrilled to reveal our cover design for “Good Company”—a contemporary romance by Melissa Hladik Meyer.


Available December 16th, 2013 in eBook only


Good Company

Navy SEAL Mark Roberts lands in Tampa hot, angry and profoundly single.  Trapped behind a desk, his career has taken a sharp turn off course and he’s not sure what infuriates him more—his inability to change his position or the meddling old guy next door, completely unaware that the beautifully young physician’s assistant across the street is about to change everything.

Retired Delta Force operator Fred Denning hasn’t had a mission in years, but all that changes when the new guy moves in next door.  With a new reason to wake up everyday, Fred sets his alarm and sets in motion his own personal brand of behavior modification.

Kathleen Johnson, physician’s assistant and single mom, hasn’t had a proper date in ages.  When she meets Mark Roberts, her hot, new neighbor she thinks almost nothing of it.  When he saves her from a messy bar fight and she ends up spending the night at his house he captures her full attention and ultimately her heart.

At the end of the day everyone deserves some Good Company.

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