Cover Reveal—Good Company by Melissa Hladik Meyer

We are thrilled to reveal our cover design for “Good Company”—a contemporary romance by Melissa Hladik Meyer.


Available December 16th, 2013 in eBook only


Good Company

Navy SEAL Mark Roberts lands in Tampa hot, angry and profoundly single.  Trapped behind a desk, his career has taken a sharp turn off course and he’s not sure what infuriates him more—his inability to change his position or the meddling old guy next door, completely unaware that the beautifully young physician’s assistant across the street is about to change everything.

Retired Delta Force operator Fred Denning hasn’t had a mission in years, but all that changes when the new guy moves in next door.  With a new reason to wake up everyday, Fred sets his alarm and sets in motion his own personal brand of behavior modification.

Kathleen Johnson, physician’s assistant and single mom, hasn’t had a proper date in ages.  When she meets Mark Roberts, her hot, new neighbor she thinks almost nothing of it.  When he saves her from a messy bar fight and she ends up spending the night at his house he captures her full attention and ultimately her heart.

At the end of the day everyone deserves some Good Company.

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3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal—Good Company by Melissa Hladik Meyer

  1. Great cover and the book sounds excellent. I love the colors and it’s so clear and sharp. I feel like I’m being pulled into the story already. Well done.

    Paul R. Hewlett

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