Movie Book Cover Reveal—Number Seventy-Five by Ashley Fontainne

We loved the original cover we designed for Number Seventy-Five by bestselling author Ashley Fontainne. This novella became an award-winner in September 2013 when it won the bronze medal at the 2013 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards for best fiction/suspense.


Number Seventy-Five Original Cover

When it was announced Number Seventy-Five was being made into a feature film, we wanted to update the cover to include the components we used in designing the movie poster. The new cover is dark and sinister while also capturing the grittiness and terror of the story. We also created the tagline Dating Just Got Deadly for both the movie poster and the book design, and helped update the book blurb.


Number Seventy-Five—Movie Cover Version for eBook


Number Seventy-Five—Movie Cover Version for Print Book


Number Seventy-Five: The Movie Poster

Number Seventy-Five Book Blurb:

Three years after the demise of her seventeen year marriage, Mandy Russell decides it’s time to jump back into the choppy waters of the dating world. Except there’s one problem—the small town she lives in offers few options. Persuaded by her best friend, Mandy reluctantly joins an online dating site.

Almost instantly, Mandy meets someone. Someone she connects with. Someone that makes her comfortable. Someone that has dark, sinister plans and desires for her. Unaware of what she’s about to encounter, Mandy is off to meet the possible man of her dreams. It will take everything she has to survive the nightmare waiting for her.

Will Mandy prevail or will this deadly date be her last?

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