Cover Reveal—The Curbchek Collection: A Trilogy of True Crime by Zach Fortier

We are excited to reveal the cover design for “The Curbchek Collection: A Trilogy of True Crime” by award-winning author Zach Fortier—available in both print and eBook February 2014.


Front Cover for Print and eBook available February 2014


This collection contains the first three true crime books: Curbchek, Street Creds and Curbchek Reload. Each book is available separately as well in both print and eBook.

The good, the bad and the ugly of law enforcement are all here in one award-winning collection!

The CurbChek Collection is the true account of the career of Zach Fortier as a police officer in a career that spanned 30 years. This is a no holds barred account of the streets.

In Curbchek we follow Fortier’s journey into the realities of the street and the officers who work them. CurbChek contains true tales of the hunters and the hunted, jostling for control inside the warped core of America’s urban landscape. Sometimes humorous and often strange and brutal, the incidents inside the pages of CurbChek are the personal accounts of calls taken by Fortier in the line of duty.

Street Creds is a look inside the dark and brutal world of street gangs…and the cops that work them. Zach Fortier worked the streets for many years before entering the gang task force—joining it with the idea that he could rise to the level of violence of any banger he encountered—but he thought wrong.

Enter a darker and more intense world with the stories of Curbchek Reload. Interspersed with humorous events to take the razor’s edge off the daily shootings and horrors that lurk in the city, it’s a compelling read about what really happens on the streets every day.

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