Cover Reveal—A New Beginning by A.D. Trosper

Are you a fan of the Dragon’s Call series? Then we have some exciting news for you. Award-winning author A.D. Trosper is now releasing short stories from her bestselling series called Tales From Galdrilene. The first story is “A New Beginning” and will be available in both print and eBook February 13, 2014.

The dragons roar once more…


Available in both paperback and eBook February 13, 2014


In the War of Fire, death often heralds a new beginning…

Dragons, magic, and war are commonplace for sixteen year old Emallya. Though she longs for the simple life of hearth and home, some things are not meant to be.

Her dreams for the future are changed in a single night when battle breaches the walls of her home, and she finds her true calling. The innocent hopes of youth are cast aside as Emallya steps forward into a future she never imagined for herself.

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