Cover Reveal—Eden Fading by Michael Barnett

It was a real pleasure to design this new cover for Eden Fading by Michael Barnett. An inspirational story of how evil and beauty can co-exist and how a family’s faith can help them overcome any obstacle.


Front Cover for Print and eBook—Available Soon


Full Cover Wrap for Print


In Every Eden, Peace and Beauty Can Fade Into Violence And Evil

This story opens in 1961, and right away the reader discovers that peace and violence, and beauty and evil can co-exist in the same place, casting a contradiction into every story. Mike appears to be a sweet, innocent three year old but is actually an enigma that no one can decipher. At the core of his soul lurks an evil bent on destroying his brother.

His family is dealt one catastrophe after another, threatening to destroy them from within. And at the center of this chaos is Mike. As the years pass, his inner battle between good and evil play out in unimaginable ways. Eden Fading follows Mike and his family through years of tribulation. It’s the hope for a better future that keeps them going, and a steadfast belief in God that makes them a pillar of strength.

But is there hope for Mike?

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