Cover Reveal—The Fallen One by Lexy Wolfe

It’s hard to believe this is our fourth cover design for fantasy author Lexy Wolfe. We love that the characters in this series always provide a fun design challenge. Shown is the front cover and the full cover wrap for “The Fallen One”—available in both print and eBook this week.


Front Cover for Print and eBook


Cover Wrap For Print


The Shadows Hide An Ancient Evil That Will Destroy Everything They Hold Dear…

At the Knowing One’s wishes, Nolyn Lirai is thrust into the overwhelming responsibility of being the Forenten mage council’s second, a caretaker of the capital region and the protector of the people and its land. Balking at playing the court games of the highborn on the council, Nolyn accedes to the demands to follow the goddess of knowledge’s traditions and takes on a young apprentice.

While investigating the abandoned city of Andar, Nolyn is gravely injured when he is attacked by a mysterious shadowy monster. As if that was not enough, a group of Desanti arrive in Ithesra with the goal of seeking out the Githalin to return to Desantiva. Among the group is a young mystic named Kiya na’Citali, a spiritwalker able to cross the threshold of life and death at will. Together they must return to Andar and face the shadows that had swallowed the lost city and save the Fallen One from an evil that threatens to revive age old hatreds and destroy everything they hold dear.

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Cover Reveal—Maximum Speed: Pushing The Limit by Joanna Lee Doster

It’s a rare occasion that we get to work on a sports-oriented book, especially one that deals with the world of auto racing. We had a blast working on this cover and pushing our own limits to create a cover that showed motion and speed. 


Available March 20th in Paperback and eBook



Sean Devlin is the hot, young champion race car driver for his family’s racing team, Devlin Motor Sports. Along with Sean, Jimmy Stanton and Dakota Philips round out the team with their powerful combination of heart pounding, adrenaline-fueled racing.

But deadly sabotage plagues the DMS team when they are suddenly blindsided with Jimmy’s kidnapping. And when Sean’s racing car explodes in a fiery crash, it soon becomes evident someone is out to destroy the entire team.

The hunt is on to find Jimmy and uncover the conspirators before the most prestigious race of the year. But what Sean discovers is a shocking truth that hits close to home. And that the entire DMS crew aren’t just racing to win—they’re racing for their lives.

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Number 75 The Movie Launches Official Website & Campaign

As many of you know, books, movies, and music are our passions. We designed the book Number Seventy-Five and now Blue Harvest Creative is honored to be a part of helping make Number 75 The Movie a reality, allowing us to combine our love of books and movies together.

We’re so excited to be working with the author, cast and crew on this production. We’ve designed the book, the official movie website, the movie poster, and will also be working on additional marketing materials throughout the course of production and the campaign.

The Book:

Number Seventy-Five, written by international bestselling author Ashley Fontainne, who is also an official BHC Author, won the bronze medal for best suspense 2013 in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards.

The Movie and The Indiegogo Campaign: Help Make It Happen

A prequel is being made to introduce the characters of the feature film. An Indiegogo campaign is currently in the works to help provide additional funding for this endeavor. Your support of indie authors and independent films is greatly appreciated by helping out with a donation to this campaign. Plus, you can receive awesome stuff while supporting a great cause.

To help fund this project, please click HERE to visit Indiegogo and see all the cool stuff you’ll receive by your contribution.

The Website: Number 75 The Movie:

Click HERE to visit the official website for information about the author, book, film, cast, crew and why dating just got deadly. Can you survive #75?

Movie Teaser Trailer


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Cover Reveal—The Path to Decay by Shane KP O’Neill

It is always a pleasure to work on a new Shane KP O’Neill release. The Path to Decay is our fifth cover and our 7th book overall for Shane. The Path to Decay is book two of The Dracula Chronicles and sets the scene for the arrival of Dracula, one of the most feared characters of all time.


Available March 20th in Paperback and eBook



The great Vlad Dracul is dead, fallen in battle, and his throne gone. His son, the young Vlad Dracula, is consumed with grief and a need for revenge. All alone in the world, he keeps his promise and returns to Anatolia. There, he takes a commission in the Ottoman army. On the fields outside Kosovo Polje in Serbia, he is handed his first opportunity to strike back against the men who killed his father.

He has grown into the ultimate fighting machine, and is feared by one and all. This path to decay, as described by his father, is the one he chooses to follow. Lucifer guides and watches over Dracula, but also deepens his hold over him. As time passes, though, his enemies build in every quarter, and they strive to bring him down.

With nowhere left to turn, how will Dracula avenge his family? How can he hope to win back his throne? As he faces one tragedy after another, these events mold him into the man who will be spoken of for centuries to come. A man who lets nothing stand in his way in his pursuit for revenge, and the throne that was his father’s.

Other books in Dracula Chronicles series: Book One – For Whom the Bell Tolls. Book Three – Bound by Blood (coming soon)

Cover Reveal—Bound By Time by A.D. Trosper

We are very pleased to reveal the cover for Bound By Time, the first book in the new Bound series by A.D. Trosper. Bound is a YA series of stand-alone novels. Each book will concentrate on a new set of characters connected by an overall theme. Bound By Time releases on March 13th.


Available in both paperback and eBook March 13, 2014


Can he save her this time or are they bound to be separated for eternity…

Isobel Moore is looking forward to spending her summer break alone while her parents are overseas. Until she returns from college to find her home isn’t quite the welcoming place it used to be. The stained glass window her parents installed is more than just a beautiful piece of history; something sinister is sealed within the colored glass.

When Isobel meets her new neighbor, Damien DeLuca, she discovers the gorgeous and mysterious stranger has plenty of his own secrets. Including the knowledge of what’s happening in her home.

As her world begins to unravel, she discovers a past that will test her limits and that the darkness within the window will do anything to escape – including killing Isobel.

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