Number 75 The Movie Launches Official Website & Campaign

As many of you know, books, movies, and music are our passions. We designed the book Number Seventy-Five and now Blue Harvest Creative is honored to be a part of helping make Number 75 The Movie a reality, allowing us to combine our love of books and movies together.

We’re so excited to be working with the author, cast and crew on this production. We’ve designed the book, the official movie website, the movie poster, and will also be working on additional marketing materials throughout the course of production and the campaign.

The Book:

Number Seventy-Five, written by international bestselling author Ashley Fontainne, who is also an official BHC Author, won the bronze medal for best suspense 2013 in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards.

The Movie and The Indiegogo Campaign: Help Make It Happen

A prequel is being made to introduce the characters of the feature film. An Indiegogo campaign is currently in the works to help provide additional funding for this endeavor. Your support of indie authors and independent films is greatly appreciated by helping out with a donation to this campaign. Plus, you can receive awesome stuff while supporting a great cause.

To help fund this project, please click HERE to visit Indiegogo and see all the cool stuff you’ll receive by your contribution.

The Website: Number 75 The Movie:

Click HERE to visit the official website for information about the author, book, film, cast, crew and why dating just got deadly. Can you survive #75?

Movie Teaser Trailer


Website Home Page

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Blue Harvest Creative is dedicated to working with all independents from books to films to music. We aren’t a publisher. And we aren’t an agent. We are the future and our goal is to assist you every step of the way. Visit us and find out why everything is better when you just add blue.





2 thoughts on “Number 75 The Movie Launches Official Website & Campaign

  1. I don’t know how to begin to say how much this means to me. The website is stunning and every single element is perfection. It is my honor and privilege to be surrounded by so many talented people!

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