Cover Reveal—The Fallen One by Lexy Wolfe

It’s hard to believe this is our fourth cover design for fantasy author Lexy Wolfe. We love that the characters in this series always provide a fun design challenge. Shown is the front cover and the full cover wrap for “The Fallen One”—available in both print and eBook this week.


Front Cover for Print and eBook


Cover Wrap For Print


The Shadows Hide An Ancient Evil That Will Destroy Everything They Hold Dear…

At the Knowing One’s wishes, Nolyn Lirai is thrust into the overwhelming responsibility of being the Forenten mage council’s second, a caretaker of the capital region and the protector of the people and its land. Balking at playing the court games of the highborn on the council, Nolyn accedes to the demands to follow the goddess of knowledge’s traditions and takes on a young apprentice.

While investigating the abandoned city of Andar, Nolyn is gravely injured when he is attacked by a mysterious shadowy monster. As if that was not enough, a group of Desanti arrive in Ithesra with the goal of seeking out the Githalin to return to Desantiva. Among the group is a young mystic named Kiya na’Citali, a spiritwalker able to cross the threshold of life and death at will. Together they must return to Andar and face the shadows that had swallowed the lost city and save the Fallen One from an evil that threatens to revive age old hatreds and destroy everything they hold dear.

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Lexy’s Blog


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