Audiobook Cover Reveal—Hollowing Screams by Barbara Watkins

We have adapted a large amount of our cover designs to audiobook, but this is the first audiobook cover we have designed. When BHC Author Barbara Watkins asked us to do a new cover for the audio edition of her novel “Hollowing Screams,” which was released a few years ago in paperback and eBook, we designed a new cover to portray the darkness and eeriness of this novel. 

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Hallowing-Screams_Audio_Cover (Final)Audiobook Cover—Available late June 2014


In 1971, A Mysterious Stranger Warned The Town Of Patton Of Impending Doom…It’s Name Was Lola…

It is bizarre to say in our civilized culture some human beings still act out in a violent primitive manner causing bodily harm and death. For this reason alone incarcerating facilities will always exist. The terror of being thrust into a world in which time cannot be calculated, distance cannot be measured, and our own true existence is in question is incomprehensible. In 1971, a mysterious stranger warned a small community of their impending doom. She prophesied that if they ignored her warnings they would experience a chain of devastating events. The outcome of their fate would remain in whether they chose to believe in something that could not be scientifically validated. Is it safe to say that unexplained phenomenon does exist? If you asked the people of Patton, they would say, “Of course it does and its name is Lola.”

The audiobook will be available late June on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

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