Cover Reveal—The Angel Of Elydria by A.R. Meyering

We’re very pleased to present our cover design for The Angel of Elydria, the first book in the Dawn Mirror Chronicles by BHC author A.R. Meyering. The Dawn Mirror Chronicles is a series that contains action, adventure, magic, and fantasy as well as elements of steampunk.


Front cover for print and eBook

Available in trade paperback and eBook September 12, 2014


At the crossroads, where dreams become nightmares, lies the world of Elydria…

It’s not every day that a college student dies and is revived in a distant world far away from her small hometown in Oregon. But that’s exactly what happens to Penny Fairfax. Penny soon discovers her near death experience awakened an ability to manipulate the dreams of others, permitting her to unlock hidden secrets from the past and create vivid illusions.

Trapped in Elydria with her English professor, Penny must navigate a world of gas lamps and glittering façades on the verge of collapse in search of the way home. Haunted by a malicious specter wearing an iron funeral mask, she learns that her gift of life comes with a high cost. Now, Penny must escape its wicked intentions, solve the mystery that is unleashing havoc on Elydria, and return home without meeting death a second time.

Also look for the new role-playing game based on the Dawn Mirror Chronicles!

FreeMind Games is set to release an all-new tabletop RPG set in A. R. Meyering’s fantastical world of Elydria. Play as one of six races, master a variety of professions, and explore a world teeming with danger and adventure. Look for The Dawn Mirror Chronicles: Elydrian Legacy coming this autumn!


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Coming Soon in Audiobook – Paranormal Romance “So Fell The Sparrow” – Click to Hear a Sample!

Nominated for best paranormal fiction in this year’s Readers’ Favorite Awards, don’t miss this exciting book on audiobook.

She Writes With Love

So Fell The Sparrow Audio Cover copy

I’m so excited to announce that my paranormal romance So Fell The Sparrow is being made into an audiobook! My lovely narrator has been hard at work on the production and I’ve had a blast listening to it. We’re hoping to have it ready within the next month or two. And once it’s done, she’ll begin production on When Empires Fall! 🙂 The audiobook will be available on Amazon and Stay tuned for the release announcement!

Here’s an exclusive preview:

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Fantasy Cover Reveal—Vassal by Marissa Ames

We are very excited to present our cover for Vassal, the second book in the critically acclaimed Tir Athair fantasy series by BHC author, Marissa Ames. The Tir Athair series is a historical-based fantasy series. The first book in the series, Minstrel, is currently a finalist for best fantasy novel of 2013 in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards.


 Front cover for print and eBook

Available in trade paperback and eBook September 20, 2014

Cottage cover illustration painted by the author


Who holds your loyalties?

Tir Athair still battles the north, and refugees still face torture for trying to flee oppression. As heiress to Fief Collum, Aislin knows her position is tenuous. She adheres to even the most unjust laws so her liege cannot revoke her land. When her uncle sends six burly men to work on her fief, she is wary of his intentions and their identities. All of the men have secrets, especially Darrion, whose own secret could get her executed simply for giving him a place to live. As the Earl of Edurne exerts control, Aislin must make a decision she has long avoided. Soon she is trapped between her liege, an illegal brotherhood, and a monarchy that keeps no laws to control either. Aislin must decide whether to fight or keep hiding. And as she learns the truth about those she loves, she must decide who holds her loyalties.

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Cover Reveal—Sanctuary by Rebecka Vigus

We are thrilled to reveal our cover for the newest novel, Sanctuary, by BHC author Rebecka Vigus. Sanctuary is the new mystery thriller in the Macy McVannel series.


Front cover for print and eBook—Available in trade paperback and eBook August 23, 2014



Macy Mcvannel is back in her most dangerous adventure yet!

Danielle Montgomery has moved to the Willows, the home she grew up in. A woman on a mission, she enlists the aid of her college roommate, Macy McVannel, as she helps to free abused women from their tormenters. She also hopes to rekindle her relationship with builder Brad Stevens.

Is what she doing legal, and can she protect those she hopes to save? They want to provide sanctuary for those in need. But can they protect the women from the pasts they’ve left behind?

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Cover Reveal—A Life Unexpected by Sara Daniell

We are very excited to reveal the cover for A Life Unexpected, by BHC author Sara Daniell. A Life Unexpected is the first book in the Holly Nather series. Holly Nather is a young adult, action-adventure series with a touch of romance!


Front cover for print and eBook

Cover model (Devyn Young)  photograph taken by the author



Visions Come Into Play…Secrets Have Been Told…Choices Must Be Made

Holly is just your typical college student. She goes to classes during the day and spends her nights either hanging out with friends or wasting an embarrassing amount of time on social networking. Her life is ordinary, nothing interesting or extravagant. That is – until she meets Luke. This enigmatic and on-the-verge-of-stalker guy brings excitement into her dull, routine life, introducing her to a world outside of her own…A world of magic…A world called Terre. As the saying goes: “With knowledge comes power” and with power comes danger. Holly is quickly and unexpectedly thrown into a life of chaos, a life that she believed to only exist in science fiction films. Visions of this day have finally come into play, secrets have been told, and choices must be made.


A Life Unexpected Releases September 26th, 2014


Other upcoming releases in the Holly Nather series coming soon

Book 2 – Cohen’s Tale

Book 3 – Daughter of a Monarch


Don’t miss Sara at the Queen City IndieCon, October 24th and 25th

Check out the event site here


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YA New Release—The Keepers by LaDonna Cole

We’re very pleased to present our cover and interior design for “The Keepers″ by BHC Author LaDonna Cole—book two in her acclaimed  Holding Kate Series. 


Where fireflies bask in afterglow.

After three weeks of special ops training in a secret underground bunker, The Keepers team returns to Heartwork Village as a private task force. Their mission is to ferret out the saboteur tainting the quantum jump therapies. Before someone else dies.

Corey, Kate, and Trip, joined by five others, are hurled into dangerous and fantastic jumps. Monsters, jackals, giants, and dragons threaten their lives as they maneuver through grief and loss, impossible choices, and heart-breaking revelations.

With a genius adversary manipulating their every move, and the team splitting apart, The Keepers must learn to control their growing disgust for one another and focus on identifying the enemy.

Available now on Amazon in both print and eBook—click HERE to purchase. 


Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Chapter Graphic And Design Elements


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Text Divider and Design Elements


Matching eBook Design Shown on a Kindle Tablet

All of our eBooks are W3C compliant and validated, and match our print design

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True Crime New Release Spotlight—Landed On Black by Zach Fortier

Award-winning true crime writer Zach Fortier was a cop for 30 years. His books are raw, gritty, and delve deep into the truth about law enforcement. “Landed On Black″ is no exception. We created our complete book design to match the intensity of the stories he writes.

“The streets don’t lie. If your eyes are opened to the reality of what is going on around you, you may become paranoid as well. It’s up to you: eyes open or eyes closed.”

Landed on Black is about the reality that every cop comes to realize. After you have been on the job long enough, you realize that nothing is what it seems. Your circle of people that you can trust…really trust, gets smaller every year and you start to question your own sanity. Could everyone you know really be this messed up?

Is it really possible that you missed all the facades and the ruses that people kept up? Before working as a cop I was cautious and careful about whom I chose to associate with. Now it seems everywhere I look I recognize the potential for double cross and betrayal in everyone.

Landed on Black is about the toll that reality—the reality of being a cop for 30 years—took on my life. It describes the never ending reality checks I experienced and the relentless assault that took place on my inability to find anyone I could trust. Welcome to the dark side of what a cop’s world becomes after being betrayed by everyone you know.

Available now on Amazon in both print and eBook—click HERE to purchase. 


Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design


Interior Print and eBook Design Showing Chapter Graphic And Design Elements


Print and eBook Interior Design Showing Text Divider and Design Elements


Matching eBook Design Shown on a Kindle Tablet

Click HERE to see the entire design sampleand to read the first chapter of Landed On Black