New Fantasy/Adventure Release—The Angel of Elydria by A.R. Meyering

We’ are thrilled to present our cover and interior design for “The Angel of Elydria″ by BHC Author A.R. Meyering—the first book in The Dawn Mirror Chronicles series.


At the crossroads where dreams become nightmares lies the world of Elydria… 

It’s not every day that a college student dies and is revived in a distant world far away from her small hometown in Oregon. But that’s exactly what happens to Penny Fairfax. Penny soon discovers her near death experience awakened an ability to manipulate the dreams of others, permitting her to unlock hidden secrets from the past and create vivid illusions.
Trapped in Elydria with her English professor, Penny must navigate a world of gas lamps and glittering façades on the verge of collapse in search of the way home. Haunted by a malicious specter wearing an iron funeral mask, she learns that her gift of life comes with a high cost. Now, Penny must escape its wicked intentions, solve the mystery that is unleashing havoc on Elydria, and return home without meeting death a second time.

Available now on Amazon in both print and eBook—click HERE to purchase. 


Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Chapter Graphic And Design Elements


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Text Divider and Design Elements


Matching eBook Design Shown on a Kindle Tablet

All of our eBooks are W3C compliant and validated, and match our print design

Click here to see the entire design sample and to read the first chapter of The Angel of Elydria

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