New Look For “A Life, Redefined”—The YA Award-winning Novel by Tracy Hewitt Meyer

We’re very proud to present our brand new cover for “A Life, Redefined″ by BHC Author Tracy Hewitt Meyer—the first novel in the YA Rowan Slone series.

We’re also ecstatic to announce that “A Life, Redefined” recently won the prestigious 2014 Rone Award for best young adult novel. We’re celebrating this award with a brand new cover.



Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design


 Audiobook Cover Design


Seven years ago, an innocent act by Rowan Slone turned her life into a nightmare. Since the age of ten she’s lived with the burden of her baby brother’s death. Now she is seventeen and all she wants to do is graduate high school, go to college, and escape the loveless family she has endured all these years—the same family that holds her responsible for his death. But no one holds her responsible more than herself.

When long-time crush Mike Anderson invites her to the Prom, suddenly her future looks brighter. Rowan’s younger sister, Trina, however, is determined to ruin her new-found happiness, no matter the cost. And when Rowan discovers her mother’s long-held secret, she finds herself teetering on the edge of an abyss. Can Rowan find the strength to move toward the future or is she doomed to dwell in the past?


Trade Reviews:

..a deep, emotionally intense novel of how teenagers take it upon themselves to deal with the pain and suffering of life, without the help of their parents. This tale is gripping, powerful and at times overwhelming. One’s emotions will be wrapped up along with Rowan’s, and leave one’s heart aching for her.       ~ Tonya Smalley, Ind’tale Magazine

…high interest and non-stop action. Every chapter is a cliff hanger. Meyer knows what she is doing as she crafts a story that has the appeal that many of the popular young adult novels have for young readers.        ~ Bernadette Acocella, Readers’ Favorite

This award-winning novel is available now on Amazon in print, eBook, and audiobook—click HERE to purchase. 


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