Cover Reveal—Second Moon by Kurt Winans

We are pleased to present our cover design for Second Moon by BHC author Kurt Winans. It’s always a treat to bring the world of sci-fi to life, and with Second Moon, the second book in his New World series, we had the opportunity to do just that.

Second Moon by Kurt Winans

Front cover for print and eBook

Available in trade paperback and eBook October 27, 2014


A sci-fi adventure for our future…

Opportunity knocks in this adventurous Pilgrimage sequel, as Ross Martin and his throng of believers are transported from Earth into the boundlessly mysterious and unexplored blackness of deep space. Only with the assistance of a superior alien species, is the colony able to locate a new world. Perilous conditions impede their progress and jeopardize the hopeful survival of the human race, but armed with determination the population wages a battle to persevere. In spite of the limited life sustaining natural resources and encounters with a wide range of unfamiliar and often dangerous indigenous life forms, hope is not lost. Although many question previous beliefs, they must adapt and brace for a probable turbulent future.

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