Cover Reveal—Travellers and Tramps By Cairn Rodrigues

We’re are pleased to present our cover design for Travellers and Tramps by Cairn Rodrigues. Travellers and Tramps is book 2 of the Song of Solstice fantasy series.


Available November 2014 in Trade Softcover and eBook


Print Wrap For Trade Softcover


In Solstice, all the roads lead to destiny. Book two of the Song of Solstice finds the Prospector carving his road through the formidable jungle. Aided by the reclusive Lofts, Prospector and Tonyo battle thieves, enormous beasties and often each other to follow orders given by The Boss. Sadness and loss lie at the end of the road, but the mission of the Prospectors is finally revealed. Soleila, the orange baby, grows up travelling the roads with a caravan. Temporarily safe from the factions who try to claim her, she has a relationship with Solstice that’s hard to explain. But little girls grow up and the prophecy child is no different. Even though her adoptive mother is one of the most powerful women in Solstice, not even Haeva Tyler can protect her child from The Boss. Awnyx Tiell is on a mission too. His superior officers sent him to the most dangerous place in Solstice to secure the materials for his own prison. However, the dark goddess Ynoirya watches out for her favorite stud. She gives him a gift only she can bestow and changes The Big Man forever. Will he take control of his own destiny before it’s too late? The Final War between the Twins has started, it can’t be stopped until a victor is decided. Now is the time for magicks and spectacle, for romance and heartbreak, for prancing zebras and very big cats. Grayme Ceruleya completes the mission of the Prospectors, but it’s only the start of his story. The end is the beginning in Solstice and everyone must choose.

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