Cover Reveal—Cohen’s Tale by Sara Daniell

We are pleased to reveal our cover design for Cohen’s Tale by BHC author Sara Daniell. Cohen’s Tale is book two in the popular Holly Nather series. The YA series centers around the main character, Holly Nather—filled with action, adventure…and a bit of romance!


Front cover for print and eBook

Cover model (Caleb Holleman)  Model photograph by Mindy Durey Photography


Cohen’s Tale, the second book in the Holly Nather series, allows readers a glimpse into the life of Cohen Aberdeen and his life with Holly before everything changed forever.

So many questions, but so few answers. Everyone tells him it’s easier to forget Holly and just move on. That it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

Except they don’t know Cohen. It’s too damn hard for him to forget and moving on is impossible.

Is it really over between them or will something pull them back together?

Cohen’s Tale Releases December 26th, 2014

Coming 2015

Book 3 of the Holly Nather series – Daughter of a Monarch

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