Designing An Action/Adventure Romance—Introducing Kahtar – Warrior Of The Ages by S.R. Karfelt

We are excited to present both our cover and our interior design for Kahtar: Warrior of the Ages by BHC author S.R. Karfelt.  Kahtar: Warrior of the Ages is the first book in the Covenant Keeper series featuring stand-alone novels that involve the same world.

Kahtar: Warrior of the Ages is available now in trade softcover and eBook. Click HERE to purchase the book on Amazon

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Eternity Didn’t Prepare Kahtar to Battle for a Woman’s Heart

Kahtar Constantine knows the ropes. Serve, obey, die, and repeat. Haunted by his immortal past and bound to his clan, this time around his duty is to ensure anyone wandering into Willowyth doesn’t stay long—and the entire police force is in on it.

Beth White is irresistibly drawn to the idyllic village. Thrilled to find a place she can call home and run her business, she stubbornly ignores the quirky locals and their efforts to force her out of town.

Everything changes the night crazed intruders break into her shop. Beth is thrown into a world of clans and cults, where the police carry swords and heal gunshot wounds with prayer, and she wants nothing more than to escape.

Forced to take his clan’s first prisoner, Kahtar finds his black and white world breached by the loud and colorful 21st century. As the clan uncovers Beth’s secrets, for the first time the warrior of the ages finds himself heart to heart with a foe he can’t defeat—the truth.

Where is truth and honor when worlds collide?


Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design


Title Page Design For Print and eBook


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Chapter Graphic And Design Elements


Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Text Divider Graphic And Design Elements


Matching eBook Design Shown on a Kindle Tablet

(Above shows intro title page)

Read A Sample

To read a sample of Kahtar—Warrior of the Ages and to see all the design elements, click HERE

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