Haunted Melodies—Designing “The Legacy” By Judith Blevins

We’re pleased to present our design for The Legacy by Judith Blevins. The Legacy is a paranormal romance novel that takes place in the mysterious and musical French Quarter of New Orleans. It was a nice challenge to create a design with a musical theme to match this story of music and ghosts. We also created the tagline.

The Legacy is available exclusively as a mass market paperback.


One night…one moment… changed her life forever
Blood is a most peculiar essence, or so the ancient mystics say. A mysterious flow—the carrier of life. Even the demons know the power it can unleash. But such things never entered into the minds of Grant and Caroline Alexander. They were the perfect couple, deeply in love and lost in Grant’s music and the sweet rhapsody of their lives. He was an acclaimed piano virtuoso rocketing toward stardom. Everything seemed perfect until tragedy struck one dark, stormy night. In that instant, everything changed. Caroline struggles to come to terms with what has happened but she is rapidly drawn into a strange and foreboding world in which she has no control. Convinced she is going crazy, she seeks the help of a psychic, Quinton Lucas. This encounter plunges her into a place of terror and discovery. Will she be strong enough to break free from what reaches out to her from the grave? Follow Judith Blevins’ spell-binding tale of love, hate, deceit and terror as she takes you on an exciting journey set in the mystique and intrigue of New Orleans’ French Quarter.
The Legacy by Judith Blevins
Print and eBook Front Cover Design
The Legacy by Judith Blevins
Full Print Wrap Design
The Legacy by Judith Blevins
Interior Design For Print Showing Table of Contents And Design Elements
Interior Design For Print Showing Section Page And Design Elements
Interior Design For Print Showing Chapter Graphic And Design Elements
Interior Design For Print Showing Text Divider Graphic And Design Elements

To read a sample chapter of The Legacy and to see all the design elements, click HERE


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