Designing Dorelle’s Journey by Hannah Steenbock

Fantasy is one of our specialties, and we are delighted to present BHC author Hannah Steenbock’s design for Dorelle’s Journey, book one in The Cloud Lands Saga. The series will contain eight books filled with mythical and magical creatures, including Kraken, and of course, dragons.

Dorelle’s Journey is available now in trade softcover and eBook.

Click HERE to purchase the eBook on Amazon

Click HERE to purchase the trade softcover on Amazon


Dorelle loves dragons more than anything. Even her life. So when her dragon is threatened with death, she leaves everything behind: her career, her family, even the King she has sworn to defend.

She discovers a new land, new people—and a new, terrible danger to everything she holds dear. Can she deliver a warning even as she’s facing certain death?


Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design


Interior Design For Print and eBook


 Close-up Of Text Divider Element


We Always Include Extras—Ad We Designed Kraken War, Which Appears in Print & eBook


Matching eBook Design Shown on a Kindle Tablet

(Above shows the map of the Cloud Lands. The islands were created by the author, which we vectorized and then provided the final typesetting.)

Click HERE to read a sample chapter 

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