Designing A Space Opera—Nastragull: Pirates By Erik Martin Willén

We are proud to present our design for Nastragull: Pirates by BHC Author Erik Martin Willén. This is book one in the Nastragull series—a dark and gritty space opera filled with action, adventure, and romance. Nastragull: Pirates is now available in trade softcover and eBook.

To purchase the eBook on Amazon click HERE:

To purchase the trade softcover on Amazon click HERE:


An epic space adventure that holds danger at every turn…

The human cadets on the interstellar transport, Bright Star, are heading home after eight long years of military training…but things don’t go according to plan. After a bloody battle with a group of space pirates, the Bright Star and its survivors are taken prisoner with the intent of selling them into slavery…or worse. Cadet Alec Horn, along with the captain of the Bright Star escape, taking an emperor’s ransom in loot with them. Together they set out on a dangerous adventure to rescue their friends and comrades. But can they succeed without bringing forth a war that will bring death and destruction across the universe?

Pirates (Front Cover)

Print and eBook Front Cover Design

Pirates Cover Wrap

Full Print Wrap Design


Title Page Design For Print and eBook

Pirates Chapter Head Page

Interior Design Showing Chapter Page For Print And eBook

Pirates, Text Divider Page

Interior Design For Print and eBook Showing Text Divider And Design Elements

Pirates - Kindle Sample

Matching eBook Design Shown on a Kindle Tablet

ASC Publishing Imprint

Publishing Imprint Design For ASC Publishing

To read a sample chapter of Pirates—Nastragull, Book One, click HERE 

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