Cover Reveal—For The Love Of Magic by Natalie Gibson

We are thrilled to reveal our cover for For The Love Of Magic by BHC Author Natalie Gibson. For The Love Of Magic is the first book in The Witchbound Saga, a very steamy paranormal romance series.

For The Love Of Magic by Natalie Gibson


Front cover for eBook and Trade Softcover—Available June 25, 2015

Pre-order the eBook today at a special price of $3.99

$4.99 on day of release


Maeve Lovejoy isn’t allowed to fall in love; her vows as matchmaker to a centuries-old coven located in the middle of the Bible Belt prohibit it. The sacrifice isn’t too terrible a burden until she meets Mr. Wright.

Nathalia serves as Abbess, ruling the witches to whom Maeve is vowed. An abusive past relationship and experiences with a black magic sect cultivated her great distrust of men.

Faced with losing the most potent matchmaker in any coven’s recorded history, Nathalia goes against her better instinct and allows her best friend, Maeve, to see Aaron Wright.

But when someone begins murdering couples with a connection to the coven, the bodies pile up and Nathalia’s suspicion points right to the new beau Maeve trusts implicitly. Which of them is right and which one is dead wrong?

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