Cover Reveal—Eden Undone by A.R. Meyering

We’re thrilled to present our cover design for Eden Undone by BHC Author A.R. Meyering—book two in the Dawn Mirror Chronicles. The Dawn Mirror Chronicles is a series of Steampunk, fantasy, and adventure.

Eden Undone - A.R. Meyering

Front cover for eBook and Trade Softcover—Available July 17, 2015

Pre-order the eBook at a special introductory price of $2.99

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When angels among demons keep, and Adrielle in Eden sleeps, thirteen shards in chosen ten, will bring the fallen back again…

The Angel is gone, a mysterious stranger lurks in the shadows, and Penny Fairfax has tempted the Cardinal’s ire.

A war is brewing in Elydria. The followers of the Angel Nestor are furious at Penny for driving him away, and at the king for helping her. When a grisly disaster strikes Iverton, they have no choice but to prepare for war. Penny and her friends must travel to the distant Nation of Faeries in search of those who hold the remains of a shattered Angel. What they find there was more than they ever bargained for.

A trail of clues all directs them to search for the Garden of Eden, wherein lies their only hope to salvage not only Elydria, but Earth as well. If they cannot locate the remaining few who preserve the Angel’s shards, then all will be lost. As the secrets of Penny’s past unravel, she must look within herself to find the courage she never knew she had.

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