Cover Reveal—Karma by Judith Blevins

We’re pleased to present our cover design for Karma, a fast-paced legal thriller, by BHC Author Judith Blevins.

Karma by Judith Blevings

Front cover for eBook and Trade Softcover—Available October 1st, 2015


Willard “Willy” McCrombie’s lust for revenge is all-consuming. After serving twenty years in prison for murdering his girlfriend and obsessing with serving his own brand of justice to the judge who sentenced him, his release allows him to keep his vow.

Retired Judge Antonio Facinni is now a bestselling author of mystery thrillers. But his life is about to unravel when McCrombie skillfully frames him by orchestrating murders mirroring those depicted in his target’s novels.

Now it’s up to the NYPD to serve justice. Sgt. Gary Slater is convinced the Judge is guilty and will stop at nothing for a conviction. Detective Charlie Whitaker believes he’s innocent and refuses to let her supervisor convict the wrong person.

Between her search for the truth and her perseverance for justice, love blooms between Charlie and Antonio. Do the two lovers have a future or will McCrombie succeed in destroying the judge once and for all?

Connect With Judith Blevins

BHC Authors Website

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