Cover Reveal—The Unforeseen One by Lexy Wolfe

We’re pleased to present our cover design for The Unforeseen One, book five in the Sundered Lands Saga by BHC Author Lexy Wolfe. The Sundered Lands Saga is an epic fantasy series that has something for everyone.

The Unforeseen One by Lexy Wolfe

Front cover for eBook and Trade Softcover—Available October 13th, 2015

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The new na’Zhekali tribe believed their ordeal ended when the 2,000-year-long curse had been broken, but the ancient gods remained unsatisfied. Only after Storm proved how far she would go to deny Their demands to ensure those she loved remained safe, They relented with the provision another is found to take Zhekali’s place among the divine servants.

But when they reach the desert territory, they discover the land still suffered from the original attack during the war between mages and warriors. With questions that can only be answered in the holiest of places deep in the heart of the unforgiving territory, they begin a journey that will end with saving the land…or destroying it.

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