October Book Giveaways—Win signed print copies #amreading #books

October BHC Author Spotlights

If you love books, don’t miss our monthly Author Spotlight and book giveaway. Each month features two authors and two signed print books up for grabs.

October features Beneath The Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook and Crown Of Thorns by E.M. Keelan. And with the holidays coming these books also make great gifts as well. Enter to win one or both titles.

Don’t wait…enter by 10/31/15.

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About Beneath The Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook

Beneath The Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook

Dreams define us, shape us and realise our potential…they make us who we are.

Freya won’t let anything stand in her way. Not even death.

A heart-breaking event leaves Freya’s family devastated, but Freya has left clues to her secrets and her family need to uncover them before it’s too late.

As she watches from beyond, hope and stories of love prevail. Her united family help, however, as final yearned for wishes remain unfulfilled, time begins to run out.

Freya is certain she’s the only one who can help as precious life hangs in the balance.


About Crown Of Thorns by E.M. Keelan

Crown Of Thorns - E.M. Keelan

When a paranormal investigator unleashes five fallen angels from Hell’s gate, they enter our world intent on bringing chaos, destruction…and death. Only a supernatural group of heroes, led by the Nephilim Sage, can stop them and close the gate to Hell.

Except Meditrina, one of the fallen angels, has plans of her own. Intent on unifying the vampire clans, her ultimate goal is to become the vampire queen, and wipe out the world.

With the aid of some reluctant vampires, Sage and her team face the battle of a lifetime. Can they stop Meditrina in time, or will they witness the End of Days?

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