Cover Reveal—When Darkness Comes by W. Franklin Lattimore

We’re thrilled to present our cover design for When Darkness Comes by W. Franklin Lattimore. When Darkness Comes is the second book of spiritual warfare in the Otherealm Saga. A Christian supernatural thriller series filled with witchcraft, suspense, and plenty of action, it has been compared to the works of Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.

When Darkness Comes by W. Franklin Lattimore

Available Wednesday, November 11, 2015 in trade softcover and eBook


In this sequel to Deliver Us from Darkness, twenty-four years have passed since best friends Brent Lawton, Marta Rosales, and Karen McLaughlin, had their lives rocked and changed through an encounter with Tara Baker, a black-magic practicing witch who was bent on their destruction.

Brent has remained in his hometown of Millsville, Ohio. A police officer now, he raises his family of five within the suburban community that he has been hired to protect.

Not all is well, though. People are having premonitions.

Picti High Priests, Brendan Cadeyrn and Tara Baker’s former mentor, Stephanie O’Leary, have finally pieced together the fragments of a culture and religion once so powerful that it had kept the mighty legions of ancient Rome at bay. It is their intention, along with several hundred of their followers, to reclaim that religion, and with it, its power. No one will be permitted to stand in opposition to their plan to unleash an evil that has lain dormant for over a thousand years.

Yet a single family will stand. They will confront the darkness and put their own lives on the line for the sake of their God, their community, and each other.

With a twist that few will see coming, dive deep into the story of one family’s war against—and for—a mortal enemy bent on their very destruction.

Is there a darkness that exists that is too deep—too evil—for God’s love to penetrate?

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