The Making of an Egyptian Fantasy: Designing Son of Anubis by Stacy Bennett

We’re pleased to present our book design for Son Of Anubis, a contemporary fantasy novella from BHC Author Stacy Bennett featuring one determined woman, a pack of werewolves, and an ancient Egyptian God.

To purchase the book in either paperback or eBook, click HERE.


Jake is the best bomb dog at Newark International, the pride of the force and his partner, Becca Carter. But when he accidentally ferrets out an ancient artifact, their routine sniff-and-search goes horribly wrong. His heart has always belonged to Becca, but Jake never realized what losing her would mean until the night he found the Egyptian jar and tasted the wine of Anubis. The night they were attacked by werewolves…in Newark.

Injured and hunted, Jake struggles to understand the strange cascade of events that follow the attack. The one certainty is that only he can protect Becca from the antiquities smuggler who would do anything to keep his secrets hidden. Plagued by violent dreams and hounded by werewolf assassins, Jake must find a way to help Becca solve the mystery of the jackal-headed god’s elixir before she ends up dead…or worse.

Read a preview of Son Of Anubis by clicking HERE

Son Of Anubis by Stacy Bennett

Front cover for eBook and Trade Softcover

Son Of Anubis by Stacy Bennett

Full Print Wrap Design

Title Page: Son Of Anubis by Stacy Bennett

Title Page For Both Paperback & eBook

Chapter Head Page: Son Of Anubis by Stacy Bennett

Chapter Head For Both Paperback & eBook

Interior Spread: Son Of Anubis by Stacy Bennett

Interior Spread For Paperback

eBook Sample: Son Of Anubis by Stacy Bennett

Interior Design For eBook

Miramae Press Logo

Miramae Press Imprint Logo For Stacy Bennett

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Author Website


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