Cover Reveal—Elements by Raymond Henri @raymond_henri #fantasy

We had a blast designing this cover for Raymond Henri. Elements is the first book of his Tear of God series. The series blends elements of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and action. If you are a fan of the legendary anime Naruto series or Harry Potter, Elements just may be the book you’ve been waiting for.

Elements: Book 1 of the Tear of God series by Raymond Henri

Front cover for eBook and Softcover—available March 1st, 2016

Click here to pre-order the eBook for only $3.49 (Release day price of $4.49)


At age sixteen, Mink Jollè still hasn’t discovered his Elemental affinity, which is an identity crisis unheard of on the planet Georra. He has endured constant bullying while being held back in school, and his parents have come to employ drastic measures to help him mature. Their current ruse is a camping trip on Rift Ridge, where they test Mink to the breaking point, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Mink and his parents run across a Machinist scout searching out a mother lode of ore, who finds more than he bargains for. An immense geode buried deep in the ground is fabled to be the Tear of God, and the first nation to claim it will hold power and protection unrivaled on Georra.

The race is on as Mink’s parents stand guard at the Tear of God, sending Mink back to his homeland for help. Defying the odds and surprising himself, Mink succeeds in delivering the news to his people, and is chosen to assist a Team in returning to the site to relieve his parents and acquire the Tear of God for Octernal. Along the way, Mink is forced to rely on his strengths without an Element in order to win respect and ultimately discover his true identity.

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