Cover Reveal: No Room In Hell—The Good, The Bad, And The Undead by William Schlichter #zombies #horror

Our cover design for The Good, The Bad, And The Undead by William Schlichter. This zombie, post-apocalyptic novel is the first in the exciting No Room In Hell series.

No Room In Hell: The Good, The Bad, And The Undead by William Schlichter

Available in eBook and trade softcover February 25th


St. Louis police detective Marcus Danziger seeks clues to his daughter’s pre-apocalyptic murder. Excused from the case when his only child is kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer, Danziger returns to his police station after the zombie outbreak to retrieve evidence he was once forbidden to examine. With search warrants no longer necessary he seeks out a killer before the remainder of the city falls victim to the undead and the murderer escapes to the safety of Fort Leonard Wood.

Fort Leonard Wood’s base commander, Colonel Travis, wrestles with his last government orders to abandon the civilians his shrinking number of troops protect. Defiant Hannah, his only daughter, attempts to disrupt the base’s growing black market that extorts valuables from refugees running short of supplies. Hannah discovers the black marketers, controlled by the Bowlin brothers, make a hobby of taking unsuspecting women from the Fort with claims of reconnecting them to missing family members in other camps, only to assault and leave them for the undead to snack on.

One teenage refugee, Emily, finds herself leaving the military base believing some of her family weren’t killed. A level-headed survivor scavenging for supplies encounters and rescues Emily and offers her a home at the compound he built near Mark Twain Lake. His group has one strict law—you work or you don’t eat.

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