Designing an epic fantasy book: ELEMENTS by @raymond_henri #SciFi #ComingofAge #amreading

Elements by Raymond Henri is the first book in the Tear of God novels—an epic coming of age SciFi Fantasy saga.

To purchase the book in either paperback or eBook, click HERE

About Elements:

At age sixteen, Mink Jolle still hasn’t discovered his Elemental affinity, which is an identity crisis on the planet Georra. Enduring constant bullying and held back in school, his parents devise drastic measures to help him find his affinity.

During Mink’s testing, he and his parents unearth an incredible find—an immense geode buried deep in the ground fabled to be the Tear of God—and the first nation to claim it will hold power and protection unrivaled on Georra.

Now the race is on to acquire the Tear of God. Mink must journey against all odds and rely upon his own strengths to save his people, his world, and discover his true identity.

Elements by Raymond Henri

Our print wrap design inspired by the fabled Tear of God geode in the novel

Elements by Raymond Henri interior print design

Our custom-designed print interior—we drew the symbol based on the author’s original sketch

Elements by Raymond Henri custom designed text divider

We created a custom-designed text divider using the symbols in the chapter header

Elements by Raymond Henri title page design

Our title page design—because title pages need to rock

Elements by Raymond Henri interior print design

We specialize in creating awesome interior print designs

Reading a book is an experience—our designs bring your book to life by incorporating all the elements from cover to interior to matching eBook. Experience Elements by Raymond Heri and read a sanple chapter by clicking HERE.

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