Cover Design: Target Of Vengeance by @RebeckaVigus #Thriller #Suspense #amreading #BookDesign

Our cover design for the upcoming release Target Of Vengeance by Rebecka Vigus. Available for purchase Friday, March 11th in paperback and eBook.

Target Of Vengeance by Rebecka Vigus

Cover design for print and eBook

Releases March 11th, 2016


A tragic car accident and the loss of her family brings Maggie Parsons back to her hometown as its new elementary principal. Just when she thinks she’s on her feet, things start happening at the school. The school gets trashed in the middle of the night, a fence is cut open allowing two boys to disappear in the woods, an old door leads to another child missing and it all seems to center around her old classmates. Who is stalking them? Can Sheriff Norton find the culprit before something serious happens? Who will be the next target of vengeance?

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