Love Paris? It’s now on sale… @JulietteSobanet #romance

Love Paris? Then don’t miss this exclusive sale!

Now through April 26th  Meet Me in Paris by Juliette Sobanet is on sale for only 99 cents and £0.99

Meet Me in Paris by Juliette Sobanet

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And, as a special thank you, Juliette’s first poetry collection I Loved You in Paris is on sale for FREE everywhere through April 29th.

I Loved You In Paris by Juliette Sobanet

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Special Message From Juliette:

And for any of my readers who leave an honest review on Amazon for either Meet Me in Paris or I Loved You in Paris, just send me a message on Facebook with the link to your review, and I’ll gift you a Kindle copy of one of my other books ~ your choice! (And if you already have them all, the next one is on me!) Reviews are so, so helpful for authors, and I wanted to give back to my readers who take the time to leave them. So thank you!


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Chasing Vengeance by @DreaDamara #spythriller #espionage #amreading #coverdesign

Designing the cover for Chasing Vengeance by Drea Damara was a special treat because we love anything spy related. If you are a fan of Bond or John LeCarre, don’t miss the Trinity Mission series!

eBook now available for preorder at the special introductory price of $2.99. Click here to preorder.

Chasing Vengeance by Drea Damara

Available in trade softcover and eBook on Saturday, May 28th, 2016

About Chasing Vengeance

Never reveal your secrets…

Trinity, an intelligence organization known only through whispers, specializes in covert action. Heading up this modern-day operation is founder Gerry Strakner and his team of skilled misfits. The key to staying alive lies within their code: never divulge your greatest fears or darkest secrets. But sometimes the past refuses to stay buried…

While his organization is under attack, Gerry must let his favorite operative, Caria, fend for herself against a vicious arms dealer. When he learns that she is caught in the crosshairs, his only hope is he’s taught her enough to stay alive.

Now Gerry must call in an old favor to save Caria. Ivan Skavinsk, a reclusive mercenary, is the one man skilled enough to infiltrate the playing field of assassins. But which side is he truly working for? Does loyalty have an expiration date or will deception burn everyone within its reach?

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April Book Giveaway—Minstrel and Money & The Human Condition #HistoricalFantasy #FinancialPlanning

Now through April 30th, you can enter to win signed print copies of these great reads at This month features Minstrel, the award finalist, historical fantasy by Marissa Ames and Money & The Human Condition by Douglas Obey, an excellent nonfiction book, which explains how money works as well as offering tips for money management and financial planning.

Minstrel by Marissa Ames and Money & The Human Condition by Douglas Obey: The featured April Author/Book Spotlights at BHC Authors for April 2016

Click HERE to enter to win through April 30th, 2016

About Minstrel

The Tir Athair series introduces medieval fantasy to a wide audience, bringing intrigue, adventure, and a little romance into a highly accessible and engaging saga.

A troupe of entertainers rides into town on the eve of a kingdom’s fall into chaos. The good king has died and twin princes grapple for the throne. Forced into servitude, the players witness deceit that enslaves people from the king’s guard all the way down to a young washerwoman forced to live three lives. When Riordan takes the crown, his twin indentures the minstrel into recording the kingdom’s true history, a decision that condemns both Liam and the prince to a death sentence.

Minstrel details the start of a civil war, through the eyes of a minstrel whose life of poverty becomes a much more dangerous game.

About Money & The Human Condition

Make your money work for you…

With so much at stake—family security, financial growth and retirement—it is concerning that most people have little to no understanding of financial matters, investments or how the economy works. Nor do they believe the basic concepts behind financial growth are anything they need to know. They simply look at their 401K report quarter after quarter, note the changes and wonder, “How did this happen?”

Why in the most capitalistic society on earth, do we Americans understand so little about how money works? A fascinating dichotomy, really, and one rooted in both western culture and human nature. Understanding this will help you master the art of making money work for you instead of continuing to work so hard for it. What’s so fascinating is that it is more about the study of human behavior than finance and money, hence the title of the book, Money and the Human Condition.

Purchase Minstrel or Money & The Human Condition in eBook or paperback on Amazon. Minstrel is also available in audio format on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.


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Cover Design: The God Computer #SciFi #Aliens #NewAge #AmReading

Designing the cover for The God Computer really allowed us to flex our creativity. With all the different themes presented in the book, it needed just the right cover. We think we have managed just that.

The God Computer by Scott Troy Kovarik

Arrives in eBook and trade softcover May 12th.

Preorder now at a special introductory price by clicking HERE.

About the Book:

Discover the truth you seek…

When computer intern Avery Cole awakens in his car on a dark Seattle highway with a strange device in his possession—and no memory of the event—he isn’t aware of the path already chosen for him.

Cole returns to California to find his Alzheimer’s-stricken and homeless father. Obeying an apparition, he releases seven bottles into the sea, and meets Madi Blake, a digital media ninja. Together they search for answers and learn the secret behind Cole’s lost time in Seattle: the fate of the world now lies in his hands. With dark forces intent on stopping them, Cole must choose between sacrificing his love for Madi or mastering the wisdom necessary to save mankind.

The God Computer is a novel based upon ancient prophecy, sacred mystical teachings, and profound wisdom.

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Author Interview – Meet @LisaShambrook #TuesdayBookBlog #YA

If you are a fan of YA or coming-of-age books, these are perfect for preteen or teens.

Shelley Wilson

I’m delighted to be joined by my second guest of the day, fellow YA author, Lisa Shambrook, as we chat about chocolate, killing off characters, and her latest release.  Over to Lisa:


The Fun Stuff:

What part of the world do you come from?

I live in the gorgeousness that is West Wales. I have the ocean in one direction, mountains in the other, and a landscape of lakes, forests and hills – beautiful!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

From a young age I wanted to be a writer and illustrator, the writing took over, though I still have to feed my creative urges with sketching, painting and making things.

List three words to describe yourself.

Dreamer, empath, introvert.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Emily Blunt, yep, she’s the one!


Do you have any other unique hobbies or talents?


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Cover Design: Merlin’s Knot by @mandersentales #ModernFantasy #KingArthur #ContemporaryFantasy #Arthurian #amreading #BookDesign

We really enjoyed designing the cover for Merlin’s Knot by Mark Andersen—book one in the “Merlin’s Thread” series. Perfect for fans of King Arthur and contemporary/modern fantasy. Available now for preorder. Releases Thursday, May 5th in trade softcover and eBook.

Merlin's Knot by Mark Andersen

Cover design for print and eBook—Releases May 5th, 2016

Pre-order the eBook from Amazon now at the special introductory price of $2.99

Merlin Cover Model: Marion Z. Skydancer
Copyright © 2016 Dragon’s Chyld Studio. Image used with permission and appears courtesy of Dragon’s Chyld Studio. All rights reserved.

About the Book
Where in Texas has King Arthur gone?

Merlin the magician sleeps for fifteen hundred years…until his mystical connection to the mind of legendary King Arthur awakens him. Finally, the time has come to find the lost king and return him to his ancient destiny: saving the Britons in their hour of greatest peril.

The quest leads Merlin to Houston, Texas, where his link to Arthur becomes hopelessly tangled. The snarl centers on Alfred, a laid-off engineer suffering his own existential crisis. After Merlin coerces his help, they follow their only clue to a suburb called The Woodlands.

As they unravel the secrets of Arthur’s present life, returning the king to to his own time becomes harder. Now Merlin must find a way to reconcile free will with fate—and repair history’s tapestry.

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