Cover Design: The God Computer #SciFi #Aliens #NewAge #AmReading

Designing the cover for The God Computer really allowed us to flex our creativity. With all the different themes presented in the book, it needed just the right cover. We think we have managed just that.

The God Computer by Scott Troy Kovarik

Arrives in eBook and trade softcover May 12th.

Preorder now at a special introductory price by clicking HERE.

About the Book:

Discover the truth you seek…

When computer intern Avery Cole awakens in his car on a dark Seattle highway with a strange device in his possession—and no memory of the event—he isn’t aware of the path already chosen for him.

Cole returns to California to find his Alzheimer’s-stricken and homeless father. Obeying an apparition, he releases seven bottles into the sea, and meets Madi Blake, a digital media ninja. Together they search for answers and learn the secret behind Cole’s lost time in Seattle: the fate of the world now lies in his hands. With dark forces intent on stopping them, Cole must choose between sacrificing his love for Madi or mastering the wisdom necessary to save mankind.

The God Computer is a novel based upon ancient prophecy, sacred mystical teachings, and profound wisdom.

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